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About TFSB


The Tony Fernandes School of Business (formerly known as the College of Management) was established in 2003 and has consistently been one of the largest schools in The University of Cambodia. In its more than ten years of developing the capacity of each student, many reputable private local and international companies have employed our students and given very encouraging, most positive feedback about their caliber. This reflects the fact that our output has been trained with a well-balanced curriculum that contributes to their robust soft and hard skills: employers have been very enthusiastic about our students’ diverse skills and their dynamic behavior. Achieving the latter has been augmented by linkages to the private and public sectors, in order to give our students exposure to experiences outside the classroom, for them to better grasp the realities of life.


To be the catalyst in delivering top entrepreneurs and innovative leaders in the highly technological world of business in Cambodia, the region, and the world.

The threefold MISSION:

  1. To educate and train high-quality individuals to become ethical leaders and entrepreneurs;
  2. To act as a focal point for developing the capacity, creativity, innovative mindset and adaptability to the fast-changing technology of Cambodia’s human resources;
  3. To conduct relevant and critical research so as to advance knowledge, by using strong conceptual foundations to identify and solve management problems focusing on national, regional, and global issues.

Why STUDY at UC, especially at The Tony Fernandes School of Business?

We provide professional academic counseling and career guidance (job applications, coaching and mentoring). The curriculum is well designed with a balance of theories and practice inside and outside the classroom which help students grow with high self-esteem for they are equipped with both the hard and soft skills needed in the labor market. With the extensive local networks of useful contacts and constantly building international networks and collaborations, our graduates are in high demand by top employers and are capable to find and compete for jobs locally and abroad.

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