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Why choose TFSB?


Why STUDY at UC, especially at The Tony Fernandes School of Business?

We provide professional academic counseling and career guidance (job applications, coaching and mentoring). The curriculum is well designed with a balance of theories and practice inside and outside the classroom which help students grow with high self-esteem for they are equipped with both the hard and soft skills needed in the labor market. With the extensive local networks of useful contacts and constantly building international networks and collaborations, our graduates are in high demand by top employers and are capable to find and compete for jobs locally and abroad.There is a green and blue view outside the building while reading in the convenient Library for student to gather their personal time and concentrate on their favorite book. Moreover, Dean Gina V, Lopez, she offers a full help to student that in need of consultation with love and support. Lecturers and Dean are always there to encourage students to work as a team to be able to understand each other, have a good communication, and have fun.


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